Web-based training

Training in the fields of technology, service and marketing

Increasingly short innovation cycles for technical products and software require continuing education for your employees. Classroom seminars are for the most part successful but are also expensive (travel, accommodation and external training facilities).

Reduce costs through eLearning

Technical teaching content must be planned and structured, the content prepared and deployed in an attractive manner. Only then is learning success guaranteed.


Calling on our experience of technical documentation, we work with you to develop your concepts and storyboards for training courses which can be implemented as turn-key WBT.

Intensive and efficient training

Training systems used via a browser (web-based training, or WBT) are cost-efficient, in particular when a large number of employees require training. eLearning offers not only provide your technicians with in-depth and sustainable expertise. The targeted use of interactive training units also helps to reduce training costs.

By cooperating with our technical copy editors, 3D animation specialists, film experts and web designers, we guarantee you the most efficient implementation of your training ideas.

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